• Announcements

    Audubon Drive & Court Asphalt Repair

    • Weather permitting, asphalt repair work to Audubon Drive and Audubon Court will begin on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
    • No vehicles will be able to use Audubon Drive or Audubon Court beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Vehicles will not be able to return until Friday evening or Saturday morning.
    • Parking Options:
      • The board has approved overnight parking on Sandpiper on the east side of the street, which is the same side as the guest parking/overflow parking.  Please be considerate and do not block anyone’s driveway allowing as much space as possible for those that pull into a driveway or back out of a driveway.
      • Parking has been approved by Time Out; HOWEVER, you are only allowed to park facing Cass Lake Road.  No overflow parking/traffic can interfere with customer parking for the patrons of Time Out.
    • DO NOT PARK on Harbours Blvd.
    • Construction Schedule:
      • Wednesday, July 17 – milling of all Audubon Drive and Court
      • Thursday, July 18 – base prep
      • Friday, July 19 – paving
    • Once all of the orange cones are removed, you will be able to drive on Audubon Drive and Audubon Court.
    • Map of Work and Parking
  • Master Deed & By-Laws

  • Forms

    CLICK HERE to access the following forms you may need to fill out:

    • Contact Information Update Form
    • Pet Registration Form

    Alteration/Modification Request – Please use this form to submit a request for any modifications to the unit.
    *Please do not use the form at the above link. 

If you have any general questions regarding your unit, please contact your property manager, Constance Toles, in our office. If you have a question regarding your account status, or any balances, please contact Robin Stanford or Jessica Boback in our office.

Realtors/Title Agencies:
If you are a realtor or from a title agency calling on behalf of a client, please contact Jessica Boback in our office. If you need a condo questionnaire or a status letter for a closing or refinance, please use www.condocerts.com to order the documents you need.